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When tuning the pitch reed you must first set your self up for the job you need quite, solitude, a bench to work on, a magnifying glass, and a chromatic tuner.

proceed with methodical caution, with a felt tip mark the reed you wish to tune and with the reed plates in the comb play the reed several times to get a good accurate reading on the tuner.

then literally one scrape at a time begin to raise or lower pitch as you require using a reed file.

if you tune the reed too far over perfect pitch just scrape back one in the opposite pitch.

it is a distinct advantage to gain experience in altering pitch to a reed by investing in a cheap harp just for this purpose, once you have the confidence to understand the effects of the scrape on a reed you will take control of your musical instrument along with a clear understanding of the mechanics of playing a harmonica

always remember when tuning, it is a delicate musical instrument with a finite degree of adjustment for optimum performance, only attempt working on your harmonica if you are fully confident you are equipped, practiced and fully understand what you need to do and always practice on old or cheap harmonicas

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